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DIRECT MAIL: COUPONS = Low-cost/high-results! 

coupons and direct mail advertisingcoupons and direct mail advertising

These coupon samples have been reduced for viewing on the Internet; the actual size of these colorful coupons is 8 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.

Frank, Blue Sky and Rose Cleaners, Union City 6/05 "We have recieved, by far, best response with Coupon Country than the other direct mail coupons and all other advertising. While Coupon Country temporarily wasn't mailing our area we spent $17,000 in advertising that didn't equal the results from a single $350 Coupon Country mailer."

Jack, Smog Depot, El Cerro 7/05 "Val-Pak didn't work. Nothing has come close to Coupon Country's uniquely consistent, big results."

First Western Financial Services "I have used many different advertising sources over the last few years. Nothing comes close to Coupon Country for prices and penetration. I have even worked in the advertising industry and was never able to get these kinds of results for the price."

Berri Painting "Since I began using Coupon Country six months ago, my business has quickly increased a full 50%. I would reccommend Coupon Country to anyone--and have already sent several referrals..."

Spa Repair "I was skeptical at first when my wife suggested we try advertising with Coupon Country. Two years later I'm signing up for 21 more mailings. I've told many about Coupon Country."

Velvet Creamery According to the manager, the restaurant averaged "about 10 coupons a day" throughout the entire 2 month life of the coupon from a single, 10M mailing. The 2-for-1 single offer brought in roughly 600 coupons (1,200 meals) or a 6% RESPONSE ! The $398 ad brought in that amount of business many times over and "lots of new customers" according to BK. Advertiser has since repeated in three more successive mailings with almost identical results!!!

A - Electric This contractor ran coupons with us at least once a month for over a year. They worked so well they tried them with several other companies, too, targeting other areas as well. Within a short time the business was at point where it could cut back couponing but let Coupon Country know that when ready again Coupon Country would be "the only company ... would use".

Weedwaster told us they have been inundated every time their Coupon Country mailers come out. The first 10,000 mailer brought 65 calls, most of which became jobs. This, said the owner, is far more than they received with the other three direct mailers (less than 10 responses in most cases) they had tried before. Weedwaster has repeated the success in various different mailing areas and claims to still be getting calls from the first mailing over a year ago.

Garcia's Restaurant Received twice the response from a previous mailer used and has done three successive, all successful mailings with Coupon Country.

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DIRECT MAIL: SOLO MAILINGS - Mail Anywhere-Anytime-Any Format

Martin Sugarman Company
(Screens, Rain Gutters, Remodeling, etc.) Advertiser had tried everything else but, decided to give Coupon Country a shot., though not expecting much; needless to say, he was "blown away" by the response from day one. Even during the winter months he reported receiving calls for screens (which hadn't been advertised since late summer). He upped his advertisng to one mailing per month and has also referred several contractor associates.

M&M Tree Service A recent full-color 8 1/2 X 11 brochure, mailed to 8,000 Oakland hills residences and 2,000 contractors, produced more than 100 calls in just the first three days! The cost, 30c/piece for everything: design printing (4-color), labeling/prep and postage, was made back instantly. Advertiser plans many more similar mailings, targeting different areas/markets, once he can catch up on the current workload. (Call for reference name and phone & sample.)

H & S Realty Advertiser
mails 5,000 8 1/2 X 5 jumbo postcards approximately every two weeks to a different area. First mailing produced a listing right away with several pending. Now on third mailing. Also runs back cover in coupon book mailings, which have produced significant results over the past several years so that advertiser has reserved the spot for future mailings to run. (Call for reference name, phone & sample.) (Cost: 23c/pc or $1,150. per 5,000 solo mailing.)

CC Investments Commercial landlord had the difficult task of renting office space in specific (mixed) areas. By targeting specific markets advertiser received seven inquiries and one especially good one from a 7,000 mailing in just the first week. He says the one probable rental will pay for the mailing the first month not to mention future months revenues. Plans to run more similar mailings. (Cost: 25c/piece for 2 color jumbo 8 1/2 x 5 postcard --$1,750 total.)




American Express

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