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Perfect Promotion for Your Business, Shopping Center or Organization:

Coupon Country has been doing coupon books for 30 Years and is set up to do any and all types of Coupon Books and  Mail them at Rock Bottom Prices!

Just have a minimum of 8 pages (16 sides) and Call Us for a Quote.  We will Print, Produce and Mail your Coupon Books to  10,000, 20000  or 50,000 addresses in less than 1 week!

With the recession, Coupon Use is up higher than ever. Direct Mail and Internet are now the Top 2 Ad media  (We include a FREE Coupon Site with any mailing!) See targeted response pour in from this unbeatable promotion

You can do AFFORDABLE MAILINGS and build business now!

Reserve Coupon Space NowYou've undoubtedly seen many mortgage mailings and other brochures come to your home recently. It used to be only the largest businesses could afford to send out these "self-mailers". Now, smaller companies can take advantage of the Number 1 Ad Medium - Direct Mail through Coupon Country's effective low-cost programs. reach your prime market (residential or commercial) wherever and whenever you want and at the most cost-efective rates.

coupons and direct mailcoupons and direct mail coupons and direct mail

coupons and direct mail
A single full-color brochure mailed to 10,000 addresses has been largely responsible for turning a struggling small tree service into a thriving mid-size business in a matter of weeks, according to the office manager.

coupons and direct mail

M&M Tree Service had long wanted to do a first-class, 4-color mailer to prime markets, both residential and commercial, but many factors, including cost, had prevented this from taking place. Bids to mailing services had come back long before, with Coupon Country/Kaufman Advertising winning the bid, but the job had to be put on hold for almost a year.

Then in June it was time to "go for it" in the words of Nancy, M&M office manager. Over the next several weeks a beautiful, quality color brochure on glossy paper became reality. After a few more revisions, color and press checks, the printing was ready, and, finally, the actual mailing to 8,000 prime Montclair/Piedmont homeowners and 2,000 landscape contractors and property managers.

Within the first three days, Nancy called us to report over 100 responses/bids to the brochure--and these were "quality, large jobs". Many people commented on the quality of brochure and the resulting confidence in our company, according to Nancy. By the end of the week, response was into the several hundreds and the job backlog several months! And this during the "low" season! Interesting, not only people who received the brochure were calling but referrals from friends and people outside the mailing area were coming in, says Nancy.

"Unbelievable" is the way Nancy sums up the experience and is happy to share her enthusiasm in Kaufman Advertising/Coupon Country with anyone who wants to call.

Prior to this mailing, M&M Tree had tried most forms of advertising, with only direct mail coupons working well. But after the response from this self-mailer, M&M plans to cut back other advertising and do more self-mailers (Kaufman Advertising), in addition to direct mail coupons (Coupon Country). The cost to do this 10M full-color mailing was around $3,000 but M&M made its money back the first day and the mailing has since paid for itself tens of times over.




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