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Reserve Coupon Space NowBOOKLET FORMAT means longer ad life/response; it's easier to open and view than free-standing coupons. Envelopes are often not even opened, just tossed. . . coupon books are looked at, used, and easily kept in a purse, briefcase, or glove compartment for repeat usage. Advertisers who have used both formats find response much better (and longer-lasting) with the booklet format. Note: beware of the low-ball, several-to-a-page coupon mailers -- while cost per piece may be low, it has been proven that individual coupons attract much more attention. In addition, we usually run fewer coupons, and generally restrict our mailings to only one of each type of business per booklet, to achieve easier viewing and better response.

STAGGERED MAILINGS make for more even, steady response throughout the year, e.g. Danville (10M) mails July, Walnut Creek (10M) August, and San Ramon (10M) September, and then these areas repeat the same cycle. This way you're not overwhelmed with responses from a one-time 30M mailing, only to see it "dry up" for a period of six weeks to three months before the next mailing comes up. We mail weekly in increments of 10M, which means there is always a mailing coming soon to your area; it costs us more to print this way, rather than all areas at once, but it's better for advertisers and our prices remain competitive (less than 4 ¢ per home for everything).

Links BEST 10,000 HOMES mails to the "best 10,000" (usually homes in your market areas, generally by zip code). Apartments, where carriers often put advertising mail in a pile in the lobby rather than into the individual boxes, are all but eliminated.

EXCLUSIVITY OPTION (only one business of a kind per mailing) means there won't be an unmanageable number of coupons -- there are usually 10 to 20 per mailing. This encourages people to skim through the entire book. You have the option of exclusivity, with no other business of your type appearing in the book, or you may be one of two in your category for a discounted price!

Reserve Coupon Space NowCoupon Country is the oldest and largest independently owned (non-franchised) coupon book mailer, with everything done locally.

Therefore, we can offer the above features.

We're the only coupon booklet that covers the entire East Bay counties of Contra Costa and Alameda.

If you wish, you can mail with us in Pinole or San Leandro, Danville or Piedmont. Many direct mail companies have come and gone over the past 15 years, while Coupon Country has grown to 20 mailing areas. However, service has always been foremost with us; the owner will happily serve you. Over 90% of our advertisers have mailed with us more than once and they often tell us we're "the best thing since sliced bread". We hope that you will try Coupon Country once and see if our claims aren't accurate. Please take advantage of the introductory discount. Our goal is to help your business grow (while we grow too) and to continue an on-going successful business relationship with you.



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